Rock Rackus

Docker Celebrity


Rock Rackus has stumbled his way to national celebrity. A one-time dock worker, he signed up for a tour on a merchant ship, crashed in the Malice Lands, found treasure on his way back to civilization, and got marginally famous selling his story. He would open for curious audiences before operas and symphonies, and venues loved using his street-born flavor to lure in people who would normally never attend.

Then, a year ago, he made an impromptu cameo in an opera, upstaging the lead actor and skewing the plot to one much more raunchy and violent. The public was fascinated, and he was asked to repeat the performance. For four months he ruined an excellent Rock show, and brought in record ticket sales. Before the novelty wore off, he left, saying he was going on a new adventure, and that he would bring back treasure for “his people in the streets.”

He returned a month ago, armed with a diamond-encrusted gold pistol and claim-ing he had traveled to the moon, met the Unseen Court, and cuckolded the fey king. He began performing a bevy of sexually vulgar songs in taverns throughout Bosum Strand, and financed the works of dozens of other dockers with money allegedly stolen from the temple of a god Rock left bleeding from a gunshot wound.

The dockers love his wild new style. Scholars dismiss his tale of interplanetary travel as obvious fabrications, pointing to his most preposterous claims, like his having visited a forest that is on fire and has never burned out. Most in Flint and throughout Risur see him as an idiot at best or a blasphemer at worst. The controversy has only made him more popular.

After being locked up for murder after accidentally killing a man while fighting the monsters at the Kaybeau Arms Exposition; he was later released after talking with Briana, and being convinced to take his role as a spokesperson for the dockers more seriously.

Rock Rackus

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