Reed MacBannin

Deceased, former Mayor


A long-time player in Flint politics, Macbannin’s fascination with the history of Cauldron Hill led him to pursue the mayorship of The Nettles. He studied all manner of defensive magic, as well as a fair share of proscribed dark arts, in order to earn the trust of the previous mayor. Macbannin protected the city from the curses on Cauldron Hill for over a decade now.

Unfortunately, MacBannin turned out to be the mastermind behind the murder of Nilasa, and involved heavily with numerous other crimes around the city of Flint, including research into witchoil modified monstrosities; numerous fires and a smuggling ring. The reasons for why he became involved in this are unknown, as are what his ultimate goals were. He claimed to be working for the crown, though the crown denied it. Magical interrogation revealed that he had been geased, and was physically incapable of revealing who else was involved with him. Unfortunately, nothing else could be learned; as on the day of his trial, he killed himself in his cell.

Reed MacBannin

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