Nevard Sechim

Deceased Skyseer


For decades Nevard was one of the most prescient and respected skyseers in Risur. Then with the rise of industry and the fading power of the skyseer’s visions, his star waned, and he withdrew into the Cloudwood east of Flint to focus on keeping his order alive. Now nearing one hundred and twenty years old, Nevard cannot see the path forward.

The old man walks feebly and leans on a plain staff which carries the banner of his family line. His deep voice warbles frailly, but somehow when he speaks the wind hushes so everyone nearby can hear him. He possesses no overt magical power, certainly nothing of use in a fight, but the land and sky respect him and make his passage easy.

During the MacBannin incident, he was able to introduce the party to Gale; but requested that they help him get one last vision on top Cauldron Hill. After surviving ambush and monsters on top the hill; he had one, last great vision; that made him fear for the safety of the city. He arranged for a massive rally to present his vision, but assassins with Withchoil modified Jaguars tried to kill him as he began his speech. The team saved him from the assassins, and heard his prophecy, but his heart gave out during the excitement and he passed away shortly afterwards.

Nevard Sechim

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