Nathan Jierre

Danoran Expatriate


Cousin of Lya Jierre and nephew of Danor’s sovereign, Nathan avoided politics and pursued science. After years studying theories of magic and astronomy, he came to Axis Island to understand how the two are tied together. His attention easily drifts to cerebral topics, and so people often have to repeat things to him. But he has a knack for seeing what most people miss, and his enthusiasm for understanding complex interactions helps him unearth things that others are interested in hiding. Once he realized his people were building new weapons, he went to the duchess, hoping to avoid another war. He did not expect the duchess to attack.

After the incident on Axis Island, hoping to avoid retliation for what he did from his kinsmen; he requested sanctuary in Risur; and the team took him off the Island before it was handed back over to Danor. He’s currently the guest of a minor noble in Flint; but his movements are heavily restricted by the RHC.

Nathan Jierre

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