Doctor Xambria Meredith

Villainous Archeologist


Per the background check run by the RHC; Xambria was a rising star in the academic world of archaeology, and at 28 she’s the youngest professor at Mitchell University in Slate. She has always had a particular interest in Ancient relics, since the golden treasures were so wondrous to behold.

According to her students and colleagues, Xambria preferred a hands-on approach to un-earthing the secrets of history, and frequently put her life in danger, either on digs in hostile lands, or because the excavations themselves were filled with traps. She enjoyed nothing more than exploring an-cient ruin, using a canny mix of caution and daring to avoid curses and traps, or survives the ones she didn’t see in advance.

But a month ago, while in the employ of Caius Bergeron, something went wrong at the dig site in the High Bayou. Her entire team was killed, and she made it back to Flint, dazed and traumatized.

She became a person of interest, when relics from that dig showed up in the hands of former employees of traitorous mayor Reed MacBannin. She revealed the connection with Caius and the location of the digsite, and begged the team to find out what had happened. Unfortunately, this turned out to be an act, as after the confrontation at the dig site off the coast of Ber, Xambria was revealed to have been behind the series of murders in Flint where people’s brain’s had been removed, including Caius Bergeron; when she tried to kill Fiona Duvall in the same manner.

She teleported away rather than confront the team, and the reported murders when the team arrived back in Flint revealed that she had returned to the city.

Doctor Xambria Meredith

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