Il Draçon de Mer

The Team's Ship


Name: Il Draçon de Mer (temporary, pending renaming by the RHC)
Type: Sloop of War
Cost: 5,000 GP
Hull Integrity: 3; Decks 3
Space: 35 feet by 160 feet
Defense: 20
Speed: 6
Attack Bonus: +10 Broadside, +5 forward
Crew Required: 15
Total Crew: 31
Command Rating: By PC

Gunnery deck with 6 cannons each to port and starboard. Two forward cannons on the forecastle. Each cannon requires 2 crew to operate, so typically 12 are on the gunnery deck and 4 on the forecastle.

Three masts, 70 ft. high, require 15 crew to operate. Command checks are at –2 with between 8 and 15, or at –5 with between 4 and 7. The ship simply cannot be sailed effectively with fewer than 4 crew.

Il Draçon de Mer can turn in place. In tactical combat it must spend 16 squares of movement before it can turn, but it only needs to actually move 4 squares forward. It can use any square in its space as its axis of rotation


An older generation of warship, this sloop-of-war served the Risuri navy before being captured by Crisillyiri pirates ten years ago off the coast of Sid Minos. After changing hands several times, it was claimed by Bernard Molinelli, who sought commission as a privateer by the cleri-cal council of Crisillyir. Now Il Draçon de Merserves as a mercenary warship, giving it leeway to carry cannons, which are forbidden in the formal Crisillyir navy.

It was recently captured by the RHC team off the coast of Ber after it attacked them, and claimed under the naval laws of salvage. It’s currently being refitted and recrewed by the Risuri navy under the orders of Lord Viscount Inspect Nigel Price-Hill to serve as the team’s ship for naval operation.

Il Draçon de Mer

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