Sokana Rell

Former Handmaiden and Prisoner


Though in her 50s, this high elf woman looks to be in her 20s. In the Third Yerasol War, Sokana was rescued by the duchess—then just a sorceress in the Risuri military—from the island plantation of a rich Danoran, who had kept her as a trophy wife. Sokana settled with an elven family in Risur, hiding her true identity to avoid retaliation by the Danorans. The duchess helped her rediscover her fey roots, though Sokana only displayed a marginal talent with magic.

Today she passes as a wood elf, but when she uses magic her eyes flare an unearthly azure, revealing her heritage.

She is currently confined to a special prison in Flint; after the intercession of Kellinos with Stover Delft and the king, as she was going to be executed. She’s been visited by him regularly; and is beginning to accept that the Duchess’ plan was not the right way forward; though she still has a strong distrust and hatred of Danorans.

Sokana Rell

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