Lord Viscount Inspector Nigel Price-Hill

Head of the Royal Homeland Constabulary


The Lord Viscount’s family owns lands around the capital of Slate, so he could have lived in court, but he trained in the martial academies and fought in the Third Yerasol War. His career as an investigator began by rooting out profiteering during the war, and he later helped thwart several plots to embarrass the new king Aodhan. His most famous success, however, was defeating a group of Drakran necromancers who were trying to animate dragon corpses in the Anthras mountains. His skill and reputation eventually led to him ascending to the overall command of the RHC throughout the entire nation of Risur.

Publicly disdainful of corruption, the Lord Viscount has outed several subordinates for putting personal greed ahead of the needs of their country.

He recently spent time in Flint, conducting audits on the local RHC operations, in the wake of the MacBannin scandal. He investigated the team, but found no major issues that they couldn’t justify, and congratulated them on their progress. He’s also taken an interest in the career of Sebastian; and promoted him to Captain of the ship they the team had captured.

Lord Viscount Inspector Nigel Price-Hill

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