Governor Roland Stanfield

Immortal Governor of Flint


Stanfield witnessed the fall of the high elf goddess Srasama five hundred years ago and died soon thereafter in the chaos of Elfaivar’s fall. But he reincarnated, and has for centuries served as Flint’s governor.

Forbidden by the rites of rulership from pursuing the crown because he is no longer precisely “mortal,” Stanfield was long content to govern Flint and its relatively insignificant province of farmers, miners, and fishermen. When King Aodhan decreed Flint would become the seat of Risur’s industry, however, the old aasimar eagerly took to the challenge, claiming he was excited to try something new after so long.

Stanfield is an old friend of Dorian, and knew him in his previous incarnation. He’s slowly been reestablishing that friendship, ever since Dorian’s previous death. Stanfield is extremely concerned over the corruption of MacBannin, and has expressed concern to Dorian about how deep it might go. He’s provided dossiers of the other team investigating the MacBannin incident; and wants to be kept in the loop.

Governor Roland Stanfield

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