Former Duchess Ethelyn of Shale

Sister of the king and Traitor to Risur


The king’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn was a commoner before earning her title in the Third Yerasol War. She dislikes industry and led a coalition of powerful individuals with strong ties to the Unseen Court. She wears extravagant diamond cluster earrings – representing the stars of the night sky – to show her allegiance to the old ways. Accounts tell of her possessing many different types of magic, though many of these could be exaggerated.

She was the center of the incident on the Coaltongue and Axis Island; where she attempted to plunge Risur into another Yerasol war with Danor and assassinate her brother. Ultimately, she claimed that she was acting with the best interests of Risur and it history.

She is currently confined to the Bridge Tower Prison in Slate; after being stripped of her rank and magical powers in a special ceremony.

Former Duchess Ethelyn of Shale

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