Doctor Wolfgang von Recklinghausen

Arrovian Doctor


A distinguished, intelligent, and poised gentleman in his late 30s, Dr. von Recklinghausen speaks elegantly with a hard-to-place accent. He appears fairly innocuous, though his sharply-groomed goatee and the rapier at his hip give him a hint of menace.

He comes from the minor Malice Land nation called Arrovia; and has traveled to Flint on a Danoran visa, seeking permission to travel to the nation of Ber. He got caught up with the team when he had documents pushed onto him by the dying Nilasa; and ended up in hiding from apparant agents of MacBannin who were trying to seize the documents and himself.

Since the MacBannin incident, he’s remained in the city of Flint, his permission to travel to Ber on temporary hold as a result of him being a person of interest in the case.

Doctor Wolfgang von Recklinghausen

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