Captain Rutger Smith

Captain of the R.N.S Impossible


Captain of the R.N.S. Impossible, one of the RHC’s vessels. Smith earned his first command five years ago. Now 37, he has never led his ship into battle. That, combined with his fondness for the Malice-era philosophical writings of the pacifist monk William Miller, has made him the target of mockery by more established naval officers. Smith seems content to just drill his crew twice as hard, encouraging them with philosophical aphorisms between puffs on a cigar.

He’s worked with the team twice now; first transporting them to Axis Island as part of the mission to stop Duchess Etehlyn of Shale before she could start the Fifth Yerasol War; and later transporting them to the pirate port of Bloodcove in the guise of a Valencian merchantman.

Smith is a good captain, though unbloodied in combat as of yet, and so far, the only problem he’s had with the team is a tendency to bore them when we really gets going on Miller’s writings.

Captain Rutger Smith

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