Brodie Lynncroft

Male human, 44, 5’ 11’, 170lbs; Hair/Eyes: blonde/blue


Brodie Lynncroft CL 9
Male Human Cleric 5/Ranger 4
CG Medium Humanoid
Init +3
Languages: Common, Primordial, Sylvan

AC: 20 MW Mithral Chain Shirt (+5 AC), Bracers +2, +3 Dex;
HP: 86
Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +6

Spd 30’
Melee: Long Sword 1 +11 ( 1-84/ x2)
Ranged: Long Bow 1 +11(1d8/x3) 110’
BAB +7/
2; CMB +9, CMD +22
SA Speak with Animals 7/day;
Calming Touch 5/day
Channel Energy 5/day
Spells Cleric (CL 5)
0 4: light, stabilize, +2;
1st 4: bless(D), shield of faith, +2
2nd 4 Bear’s Endurance, Bull’s Strength, shield other (D) +1
3rd 3 Prayer(D) +2
Spells Ranger (CL 1)
1st 1 Calm Animals
SQ: Favored Enemy – Animal, Favorite Terrain- Forrest, Hunter’s Bond – Wolf, Track, Wild empathy

Abilities: S 14, D 16, C 14, I 12, W 14, Ch 14
Feats: Point Blank Shot , Precise Shot, Endurance, Two Weapon Fighting, Two Weapon Defense, Weapon Focus [long sword]
Skills: Diplomacy + 14, Handle Animal +14, Heal + 14, Knowledge: Geography + 10, Nature +8, Perception + 14, Religion + 13, Spellcraft +13; Survival +8
District: The Cloudwood

Grey, Animal Companion, Wolf, CR 2
N Medium Animal
Init +2

AC: 14 (2 D, +2 natural),
HP 16 (2d8
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +1

Spd 50’
Melee: Bite 3 ( 1d61/x2)
SA: Trip [wolf’s strength check v. opponent’s Str or Dex]
SQ: Scent

Abilities: S 13, D 15, C 15, I 2, W 12, Ch 6;
Feats: Weapon Finesse (bite)
Skills: Perception +6, Stealth +4
Tricks: Come, Fetch, Flee, Stay, Warn


Brodie Lynncroft was born and raised in The Cloudwood where he often roamed the towering mountains and the lush rainforests and verdant streams. His parents were
plantation owners. As a child he reveled in the many local myths as told in countless tales of farmers, travelers, and juvenile miscreants who wandered into the foggy woods and suffer wretched fates at the hands of capricious fey.

He had a reality check however, when he left the Cloudwood for the city of Flint proper, eventually becoming part of the military. Because of his daring and organizational skills he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a lieutenant. But he had a second calling as he was equally drawn to the tenets of the Old Faith. Both served him well during the Fourth Yerasol War.

He was the commander of many groups of soldiers, one of which was the one led by The Badger in which Sebastian served. During one particularly tense battle, somehow he and Sebastian found themselves together, yet separated from the main unit. The two cooperated, each having the others back, till they managed to find their way back to safety. Each earned the others respect.

With the war over, Brodie returned to the Cloudwood with the intention of just easing back into the friendly ways of the back woods. Unfortunately, the district mayor, Doyle Idylls, has seen fit to try and modify those ways, making certain aspects of the old traditions forbidden. For example, while most who live in Cloudwood consider it common courtesy to share a bowl of milk or plates of sliced fruit with unseen nightly visitors, Mayor Idylls, has forbidden district employees from engaging in the old tradition. Mayor Idylls shares his office with the local police branch, and he recently had salt baked into bricks around its base in order to keep away curious fey. Soon thereafter, the building developed a gopher problem. One wonders how, or who, brought the gophers to the building?

When not playing pranks on the mayor, Brodie spends his time in the wild, trying to thwart the gang activity that is on the rise. While at least three gangs operate out of the forest, someone has somehow managed to get the gangs to call off their attacks. Hmmmm . . .

Brodie Lynncroft

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