Asrabey Varal

High Elf Dreadnought


Asrabey Varal is a centuries old High Elf Warrior of awesome skill and power, associated with the Vekeshi Mystics and the Unseen Court. He once aided Risur in a battle two centuries ago, though it was only indirectly, as he was fighting Danorans to a rescue a high elf woman who had been captured by them.

During the Axis Island Incident, he attacked the island, slaughtering loyalists and the Duchesses’ forces alike, in an attempt to reach the Duchess and kill her; so as to prevent Risur from believing that the Court would ally with a Kingslayer; though he and the Court, had supported the Duchess in her opposition to the technological developments in Risur and allegiance with Danor.

He was badly wounded during his attack on two armies; and the team managed to knock him unconscious when they prevented him from killing the Duchess. Given his status as a diplomatic representative, he was remanded back to the Unseen Court in the Dreaming; and has not been seen in Risur since.

Asrabey Varal

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